Photography is a creative and dynamic force in my life. Every day, my love for taking pictures of the world around me grows. And, even though I have been shooting for over 16 years, I continue to be amazed by the never-ending possibilities this art form offers me.

Being creative—bringing something new or original into being—is my constant desire and goal. Besides being a photographer, I am also a potter, sculptor, painter, and poet. For me, creativity means I look at the world a little differently, think about it a little differently, and then try to produce something tangible from the experience. It’s about communicating with my spirit and being in the moment.

What this philosophy means to you is that your photographs will be artistic and interesting. If I’m your wedding photographer, I will capture true emotions and special moments of the day, so that when you look at the photos years later, all of it will come rushing back to you. I also want you to feel relaxed—not stressed—so you truly can be in the moment and enjoy one of the most special days in your life.

I also spend a majority of my time “playing” in the outdoors as an avid white-water boater, back-country skier, and climber, so it was a natural progression that I became interested in “adventure” photography. If you or someone you know shares these passions, let’s arrange a photo shoot so your adventures can be captured on film.

No matter what the subject or the setting, I want my photos to reflect my passion and skill and to communicate with those who view them.

So, let’s get together and see how interesting and beautiful your world can look through “tye’s eye!”

Tye Eyden