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I Heart Night Photography!

Yes, it’s true…

What is better than shooting photography at night? After all, it is pretty much in its truest form right? You can only make a photograph by using available light or creating your own light…without light no photo!

You can use the Moonlight, Starlight, Firelight, Your Own Light, City Light, etc. You get the idea of course, but I think it is the art of how you choose to use the light.

For example this shot I took on a climbing trip to Vedauwoo  using storm light from a far off storm, you can just barely see some lingering lightning in the right side of the photo. I’m also using the stars and night light here as well and doing a timed exposure to capture the clouds and stars moving in the background to help highlight the silhouette of the foreground:

Or this is a good example of creating your own light from a headlamp for a good cause;)

and using in combo with the background firelight:

In this shot, I used artificial light to essentially paint the rock with a hand held light, with a little help from my friend Adam. This rock is about 90 ft tall, so it looks a little deceiving, but the light and the star trails in the sky make for fun and colorful image.

And then one of my favorite cities, where some of my close friends live…Seattle Skyline:

There are tons of things you can accomplish with night photography, but always remember to have fun, stay warm, and utilize that light!


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